The Most Efficient Ways to Enlarge Your Penis Dramatically - Natural Methods of Penis Enhancement

It is no secret that a possibility to obtain an immense penis happens to be one of the most intimate and sacred anxieties of a considerable part of the male population all over the world. Such people are literally obsessed with a question, burning in their minds days and nights, and the question is "How to enlarge the penis, so it would look really immense?" At the moment the market of sexual enhancement methods and medications is going through the stage of an actual boom of popularity. Any person, desperate to obtain an immense penis can choose among several possibilities to do it. In this article we are going to get you familiar with several most widely-spread methods and possibilities to enlarge your penis in efficient, safe and affordable way. Because it should not be forgotten that not all methods, used to enlarge a penis, are 100% safe and not all of them actually produce the results they are advertised to produce!

Penile surgery happens to be of the oldest methods used to enlarge penis. This method cannot be recommended for person seeking penis enlargement for purely cosmetic purposes. The penile surgery is very expensive and not totally safe. A patient, undergoing penile surgery, inevitably exposes his anatomy to possibility of harmful after-effects, such as penis shaft disfiguring and partial or complete impotence. The rehabilitation period is rather painful. Besides, the surgery is not able to enlarge your penis in length and girth at the same time. Two separate operations are required to enlarge penis in both dimensions that means a patient has to pay twice! So, if you have not suffered any serious incidents, which resulted in severe injury of your penis, you should better stay away from penile surgery - this method is not suitable for cosmetic penis enlargement.

Since problems with undersized penis and other irregularities of sexual performance have become the reason for considerable emotional and even social disorder and anxiety among considerable part of male population, the pharmacology science and sexual enhancement devices industry has answered for growing demand with several efficient ways of sexual life improvement and penis enlargement. In the first place, a person, seeking to enlarge his penis, should look the way of perfectly safe all-natural herbal supplements. This kind of medication is affordable - nothing like thousands of dollars you will have to spend on a penile surgery operation - and you do not need to get a prescription in order to purchase those herbal pills. This is an additional convenient feature of all-natural sexual performance enhancing medications, since many guys, looking for a method to enlarge penis, happen to be too shy to visit a physician and ask for prescription. Such an embarrassment is too much for them to stand. The herbal pills, on the other hand, can be conveniently ordered at online stores

The herbal pill has proven to be an efficient method to improve one's sexual performance. The pill includes components, based on the centuries-long experience of folk medicine of many cultures and countries from all over the world. It contains proven natural aphrodisiacs and other herbal extracts together with all necessary vitamins. The carefully combined ingredients of herbal sexual enhancement pills are great for revitalization of tired libido (sexual drive) and blood circulation. Good blood circulation is essential for getting a strong and hard erection, and healthy libido makes a guy enjoy every possibility of getting a piece of action by getting aroused easily. The herbal pills also noticeably improve the quality and volumes of ejaculated sperm, additionally adding to the sexual enjoyment, since the longer you ejaculate, the more pleasure you are getting, in the end, from the act of copulation!

On the other hand, the herbal penis pill is not so good with actual permanent augmentation of your manhood dimensions in both directions, in length and the girth. Surely, due to the stretching of the penis shaft during erection the penis looks bigger and thicker, but the permanent build up of the size in flaccid state is very modest. If your objective, besides healthy sexual drive and excellent blood circulation in the erectile cavities, is visible and palpable increase of your manhood size, you should better augment the effects of herbal penis enhancing pills with some kind of physical pressure, applied from outside.

From this point of view you would have two options to choose from. On the one hand, in order to enlarge your penis permanently, you can employ a device called penis extender. On the other hand, you can save considerable money and replace the costly device with a system of natural penis extension exercises. Each of those options has its advantages and disadvantages, its pros and contras, so to say.

A penis extender applies very gentle pulling - or, as it is referred to sometimes, traction - force to your penis, literally pulling at it. The outside force, applied to the penis shaft, stimulates its tissues to grow in the counterforce direction, so the traction can be relived. Naturally, the force is very gentle, but constant. The results can be seen and felt in a couple of months. It might look like longish time for some impatient souls, but all you have to do is to put the device on your cock and adjust the pressure as instructed. That is all. Just wear the extender regularly for about 8 hours daily. You can wear it at night in sleep. If you are cautious and do not overdo the good thing the device is perfectly safe. It explains its popularity with the guys dreaming to enlarge their penis.

The natural penis extension exercises are a very affordable way to enlarge penis. All you need is a training course on DVD, your own crafty hands and some baby oil. The same effect that a guy gets from a penis extender could be obtained for free by practicing the system of special penis extension exercises. The disadvantage of such method is the necessity to practice the exercise regularly, for several months. That is, without high level of self motivation and self-discipline this system will not bring positive results and you will not be able to enlarge your penis.

Now, as you see, the method to enlarge your penis can be chosen according to your preferences and resources. It should be reminded, in conclusion, that the best and fastest results could be obtained with a combination of a penis extension exercises (or an extender) with good quality brand of herbal sexual enhancement pills!