Some Programs Aimed at Penis Enhancement Could Be Potentially Harmful - Some Tips on How to Avoid Damage to Your Manhood

The number and diversity of penis enhancement programs, methods and medications that are currently advertised in the Net or through other means of mass media, could be overwhelming for a novice. Prescription and non-prescription pills, ointments, sprays and dermal patches, various gadgets like vacuum penis enhancement pumps and extenders, systems of penis enhancement exercises - you just name it! All of them are attractively and aggressively promoted and advertised to bring to you miracle of penis and sexual performance enhancement. But we should caution you in advance - some of those brands are merely a scam, and in case you fall for attractive advertisement you will be wasting your hard earned money down the drain. But waste of your finance is not the worst thing that could happen to you. The worst thing is the fact that many of those advertised penis enhancement methods could result in temporary or permanent damage of your reproductive organ instead of bringing beneficial effects of penis and overall sexual performance enhancement. The problems with sexual performance, such as erectile dysfunction and low libido are quite common among all male population age groups. A lot of guys get frustrated over the size of their penises, considering them undersized and, hence, embarrassing to be used for love making as they should be. Understandably, such people are seeking a method to relieve them from their problems with sexual life, which they are not able to enjoy properly. They are looking for efficient solutions and so are easily persuaded, falling under the spell of aggressive marketing and promotion. They do not suspect they are exposing their health to potentially adverse side effects of inefficient and even harmful penis enhancement programs.

In this short article we would like to inform you about those penis enhancement methods, which could be potentially dangerous or which are just useless, so you will be able to avoid wasting your money and time.

1. Penile surgery

Penile surgery is one of the penis enhancement methods, which you should not employ for purely cosmetic reasons. The methods of penis enhancement through interventional surgery were developed to aid people who suffered some serious trauma of their manhood - in the accidents or in combat, etc. Because of very high costs the penile surgery is not so widely spread as some other ways of penis enhancement. Still, in their quest for immensely impressive manhood, people still seriously consider this option. Besides the very high costs of the surgery itself and the post-surgery rehabilitation treatment this method has another disadvantage: your penis can be enlarged in one dimension only through one-time surgery. That is, a surgeon can enhance the length of your penis, but for the enhancement of its girth a separate operation is required. And, the last, but not the least - penile surgery is a very unsafe penis enhancement method. It is probably the most potentially dangerous among all other penis enhancement techniques. Each patient risks serious side-effects, among which there are permanent disfiguring of the penis and/or impotence.

2. Vacuum penis enhancement pumps

Vacuum penis pumps operate on the principle of suction. They consist of a special hollow tube with a pumping mechanism and a soft rubber ring. When penis is fitted into the tube, a user sets in motion the pumping handle. The force of suction, when the pump is activated, and a kind of low air pressure area is created around the penis shaft, attracts the additional volumes of blood into the erectile cavities. In this way a user gets very strong erection. The soft rubber ring is, then, placed around the base of the penis shaft, acting as stopper. It does not let the blood to outflow back from the erectile cavities. So, as a result, a user gets excellent hard erection and is ready to enjoy the love making to the utmost.

Under the influence of the increased blood inflow the penis actually looks as if it has become much bigger in all respects - in length and girth.

But the effect of such penis enhancement is not permanent. As soon as the rubber ring, which entraps the blood inside the erectile cavities in the penis shaft, is removed, the erection is gone too. Your penis returns to the same size and state it was before the pump application.

As you see, a vacuum penis pump is useless as an enhancement method. It will never enhance your manhood even for a fraction of an inch. It was never meant to be used as such. Its purpose is to help people who are not able, for some reason, get an erection the natural way.

Besides, the vacuum penis enhancement pump is not 100% safe device. It is quite easy to misuse it. If you overdo the pumping action the created pressure can lead to permanent tissue and vascular damage of your manhood.

In conclusion we can recommend a method of penis enhancement that actually brings positive results and, on the other hand, is quite simple and affordable. The combination of all-natural herbal enhancement pills and a natural system of penis extension exercises could be a good solution for all problems connected with erectile dysfunction, low libido and small dimensions of one's manhood.